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Selected Discgraphy:
Plates, Blocks, Cups, and Hair (Limited Sedition)
New Directions in Styrofoam (Hot Air)
Buddy Systems (Meniscus Records)
Singular Pleasures (Rastascan Records)
Theremin vs. The EBow Snare (Lucky Garage Recording Company)
Other Destinations (Rastascan Records)

Compilations (solo appearances):
Percussion Profiles (FMR)
barely legible (barely auditable records)
Does Time Affect Memory (Amanita)

Early Splatter Photo

With the Splatter Trio:
Splatterarities (Limited Sedition)
Recombinance (Live) (private edition)
Hi-Fi Junk Note (Rastascan)
Jump or Die: A Braxton Tribute (Music & Arts)
Fistful of Dewey (Racer Records)
Anagrams (Rastascan)
Splatter Trio (Rastascan)
Robair & Braxton

With Anthony Braxton:
Six Compositions (GTM) 2001 (Rastascan/Limited Sedition/Barely Auditable)

Duets 1987 (cd reissue on Music & Arts)
She Left Me For A She (Rastascan)
Trillium R: Shala Fears for the Poor (Braxton House)

Tom Waits

With Tom Waits
Alice (Anti)
Blood Money (Anti)

John Butcher

With John Butcher:
Guerrilla Mosaics (482 Music) w/ Miya Masaoka
Liverpool (Bluecoat) Concert (Limited Sedition)
12 Milagritos (Spool) w/ Matthew Sperry
Music on Seven Occasions (Meniscus)

With Lou Harrison:
La Koro Sutro (New Albion)
Gamelan Music (Music Masters Classics)
Interaction - New Music for Gamelan (Leonardo Music Journal CD, Vol. 2)

With Eugene Chadbourne:
Insect Attracter (Leo Records)
Beauty and the Bloodsucker (Leo Records)

With Martin Archer:(using samples from Singular Pleasures)
Pure Water Construction (Discus)
Winter Pilgrim Arriving(Discus)

Myles Guitar Boisen Guitarspeak

With Myles Boisen:
Scrambledisc (Guitarspeak Vol. 2) (Wiggle Biscuit)
Guitarspeak (Rastascan)

With Ron Anderson/Molecules:
Anything is Possible (Amanita/Megaphone)
Pak small "r" half inch (Rastascan)
Morokyu w/Molecules (Sento)
Virus (7" vinyl w/Steve Buchanan: Amanita)

With others:
Carlo Actis Dato - USA Tour/April 2001/Live (Splasch)
Tim Perkis - Perkolator (Limited Sedition)
Ielasi/Rinaldi/Sciajno/Robair - May 15th (Fringes)
Ingalls/Shiurba/Perkis/Robair - Matthew Sperry Trio (Limited Sedition)
Shiurba/Rosenberg/Robair - Bubble and Squeak (Limited Sedition)
AMK - Needle Hit the Groove (Pinch-A-Loaf Productions)
Eskimo - Some Prefer Cake (Vaccination)
Terry Riley - In C: 25th Anniversary Concert (New Albion)
Vacuum Tree Head - Oob Eye Works (Megaphone)
Oluyemi Thomas/Gino Robair - Unity in Multiplicity (Rastascan)
Miya Masaoka/Tom Nunn/Gino Robair - Crepuscular Music (Rastascan)
Phil Gelb/Miya Masaoka - Purple Wind (Ryokan)
Scott Rosenberg - are (Super J)
Scott Rosenberg - IE (barelyauditable)
Beth Custer - The Shirt I Slept In (BC 1)
Beth Custer - In the Broken Fields Where I Lie (BC 2)
Larry Polansky - New Music for Gamelan (Leonardo Music Journal CD, Vol. 2)
v/a - Birmingham Improv Festival '96 (BIFR96) Gino with cymbal
Bowed Styro disc on Limited Sedition Theremin vs EBow

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