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GINO ROBAIR: Other Destinations

Gino Robair: percussion, voice, Theremin, electronics and tape
Scot Gresham-Lancaster & Michael Z. Land: live processing
k.o.kanne: texts

An electro-acoustic work in 8 parts, pitting percussion against various electronic and computer adversaries. Packaged in an elegantly designed paper wrapper, designed by Amy Webb and hand printed in a limited edition.

"...tapping the subconscious, music that is emotionally deliberate." --The Improvisor

"At last, an electronic music project that sounds human." --Experimental Musical Instruments

(In the U.S.)


Francisco Lopez's "story I created the first time I heard the CD" Other Destinations by Gino Robair:

Track 1: Some Aliens come to Earth, during the Neolithic, to know more about life.

Track 2: They arrive to a region in Nothern China, where they observe everyday life in a small village.

Track 3: After that, they start discovering nature -- forests, mountains, rivers... guided by the inhabitants of the village.

Track 4: The Aliens send all this information back to their planet, but they are observed while doing this by some of the Chinese that become sure that the Aliens are gods and start being scared about their real intentions.

Track 5: The Aliens want to know other regions and they make a long trip guided by the Chinese.

Track 6: One of the Chinese is seriously injured when falling off his horse and he's cured by the Aliens with some bizarre artifacts. The Chinese are fascinated and greatly acknowledge their help, but they start to want the Alien power.

Track 7: After the trip and before the departure of the Aliens, a big party in honor of them takes place. But the Chinese want to take the 'power' which is inside the Alien starship. A group of Chinese go inside it and try to take off some parts.

Track 8: They are discovered by the Aliens and a terrible fight starts. The starship takes off suddenly, with some Chinese inside. The fight continues and the starship finally crashes in the moon, and, therefore, the most clear signs of this Alien-Chinese relationship disappear forever. In the Alien planet they think that the explorers have simply disappeared and they decide to investigate in other galaxies. The end.

Other Destinations track listing:

  1. Re:tuning A(n)
  2. Virgin Planet
  3. Old Gods
  4. ... and on Ash Wednesday, Borax fell on Redlands (+Poetics)
  5. Autres Directions (+Poetics)
  6. English Change Gamelan
  7. EMBO
  8. Re:tuning P(c)(s)

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